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This is so much true, thank you Mr. Kirby

“Self Hating [insert name of ethnic group]” is a very common phenomenon in many countries but the more I live in Russia the more I see that no one loathes their own ethnicity more than the self-hating Russian."

In Moscow you'd be surprised what businesses spring up in the old basements of buildings. In fact the other day I was in a very luxuriously remodelled part of a dank dripping basement to do some side work. (nothing illegal mind you) As is Russian tradition I got into a heated political debate of a sort over a cup of tea, and the topic of the argument are important to understand for foreign people trying to grasp what is going on in Russia...

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Polar circle

I don't know if it's the same in North America, but in Russia on some roads geographical borders are marked with monuments. It may be the border between Europe and Asia or in this case border line of North Polar circle.
The monument has been here for a while and as it happens people try to leave a trace as they travel by. So after annual refreshment the monument is like a new white board and in 12 month it looks like on the pictures below.

Polar circle-1
Polar circle-2

Also people like to have a drink or two here and bottles are accumulating through the year to be removed in summer.
After the waste is removed and monument is painted it looks pretty nice actually.


Really nice!

One of the guys at work manufactured himself a nice bbq set. Hi-tech, metal and glam.


Soviet youth in Life Magazine pictures

Originally posted by kukmor at Soviet youth in Life Magazine pictures

In November 1967 these pictures by Bill Eppridge appeared in Life magazine including the one on the cover. Create portraits giving the impression of the fashion, life and the time.

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People at work

Seriously serious guys


Mid extend

Mid extend

I'm still here


Writer's Block: Вождь

Как вы считаете, Ленина нужно захоронить или оставить в Мавзолее?



Can anyone please explain me what does "pumped up kicks" mean?
As if in "all the other kids with the pumped up kicks you better run, better run, outrun my gun"


A picture

I know it's posh, but still kind a like it.
"Empire State Spirit" I would call it. It's all in one picture.


Last tour around the Sun in 12 pictures

These pictures are somewhat more personal than those I post usually as they kind of represent highlights and mood of each month. It was really hard to pic 12 ones out of lot and I tried to find those I haven't posted yet.

So, January


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Truth about Apple Inc

With English subs, pretty small font though.


The city of dead

This September almost by an accident, or should I say without planning it beforehand I ended up in the Republic of North Osetia, which is a part of Russia, one of the North Caucasus republics. A friend of mine works in the capital city of the republic, and I went to visit him and he offered to go and see local place of interest with pretty tempting name - The city of dead. Certainly I agreed, unfortunately I didn't have my SLR with me, but fortunately modern small cameras are pretty good too, so I used my small camera which usually I use at work to make some pictures.

First short post about the trip with a LOTR tower you can find here (http://russia-insider.livejournal.com/60198.html)


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This was one of the strangest places I visited. Nothing special maybe, but still it left some trace. It's only a couple hours away from the big city with night clubs and supermarkets and it makes a great contrast. Old shepherds we were asking for directions looked like they appeared from 19th or 18th century and barely spoke Russian. Next year I will definitely try to get there again.
(And the valley road is great too, driving pleasure with a lot of turns, nice pavement and very few cars, almost like in Swiss alps roads I guess, not worse).


I was watching a "World War Two in Color" today and the word 'pogroms' was used to describe the mass murdering of Jews by Nazi SS divisions in Soviet Union, though I must say that in Russian a 'pogrom' means a situation when local Jews living in some town or and area are being beaten, robbed and their houses put in fire by a mob of usually drunk anti semites. 'Pogrom' is an awful notion but still very far away from the mass execution.

Wikipedia article basically gives accurate picture.

So, I wander was it a mistake by documentary writers or it's a new example of a new word meaning.


US mass media...

...shows Greece instead of Moscow when narrating about protesters in Russia. 
Indeed there are no protesters throwing bottles with gas at the police or palm trees in Moscow. In Moscow there was a mild demonstration of about 3 thousand people that lasted for 3 hours. Yes, several provocators were arrested. But without any unnecessary violence. At least with less violence comparing to the Occupy Wall street actions.
Why do they show it like that? They want another enemy? As if Far East is not enough?