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Wealth Inequality

I guess in Russia the situation is even worse, as there's much more people are behind the poverty level and the richest people are richer by thousands times. Yet people are happy as they are given cheap loans and they can by some crap they don't even need.

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Place de Concorde

I don't remember if I've posted these or not.
Taking pictures against the sun may be really bad when doing portraits, but for general pictures it's not always bad.

If I only had a polarizing filter these would be much nicer.

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This is so much true, thank you Mr. Kirby

“Self Hating [insert name of ethnic group]” is a very common phenomenon in many countries but the more I live in Russia the more I see that no one loathes their own ethnicity more than the self-hating Russian."

In Moscow you'd be surprised what businesses spring up in the old basements of buildings. In fact the other day I was in a very luxuriously remodelled part of a dank dripping basement to do some side work. (nothing illegal mind you) As is Russian tradition I got into a heated political debate of a sort over a cup of tea, and the topic of the argument are important to understand for foreign people trying to grasp what is going on in Russia...

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Polar circle

I don't know if it's the same in North America, but in Russia on some roads geographical borders are marked with monuments. It may be the border between Europe and Asia or in this case border line of North Polar circle.
The monument has been here for a while and as it happens people try to leave a trace as they travel by. So after annual refreshment the monument is like a new white board and in 12 month it looks like on the pictures below.

Polar circle-1
Polar circle-2

Also people like to have a drink or two here and bottles are accumulating through the year to be removed in summer.
After the waste is removed and monument is painted it looks pretty nice actually.