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No luck with snow!

I'm pretty late with the story about going to mountains, but I guess it's better late when never! (:
So on yearly Saturday me and my two of my friends (married couple) started towards the highest mountain of Europe - mt. Elbrus.

First unfortunate thing we encountered in the morning was a flat tire, so it took us some time to put spare, and we had to stop at tire shop on the way.

One the way to the skiing resort the road promised to be dry and nice. I don't have winter tires, but in early November road usually still not covered with snow. So the plan was to reach the foot of the mt. Elbrus where funicular is situated, then take the funicular cab to the higher altitude and ski back down.

We were not sure if there actually any snow on on the feet of the mountain, but on bigger altitudes usually it's always possible to ride.

So first two hours of driving everything was OK. We drove through the city situated in the very narrow gorge, called Tirnauz. Remember the buildings picture and compare it with the same place we saw on the way back!

Remember this picture (:

Cows is a disaster! They seem to think that there're invincible! The don't try somehow to avoid cars driving around.

After a while rain started. And in some time later I first noticed that there's something white on the cars comming towards us. Soon I realised that it was snow!

In a few minutes we literally drove into winter. It suddenly started snowing. The road became awful mess of half-melted snow and it was such a sudden change that I couldn't realize that I should forget about brake pedal at all! I tried to brake once and we almost got into a ditch. You should notice that it was my first experience of driving on the snow (without winter tires), so that was very stressful drive!

But the snow part of the road was luckily not to long, we spent three times more time then we were thinking for it, but we got to the place.
The worst thing here was that we saw the ugly situation. The problem was in the snow. It's pretty funny, that you certainly cant ride snowboard or skies without snow, but when it's a snow blizzard it doesn't help too much. So we found out that the cable ways are stoped due to wheather, and the only way to ride is first to go on foot and then ride back. And I can tell you that's not fun (:

On the place

How the car looked like when we got there

Me stressed out but glad to make it (:

my friend ready to roll nevertheless

My friends were persistent enough to try to ride, but the weather was too bad, and generally its worse if you get higher.
We were afraid that there might not be any snow to ride on, but we found ourselves in situation when you got lots of snow and still can't ride (%

So all we had to do was to have a nice lunch and get back home.
Snow part of the road downhill I was driving at a snail pace, as almost all other cars on the road.

Check out the same area just 4 hours later

We were not really lucky this time, but even without riding it's cool to see the mountains.

(pics are taken by Vika)
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