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Deutches Museum (German Museum) Part 1

This summer I visited probably the coolest museum I've seen so far. Deutches Museum in Munich. I knew that Germans probably one of the most industrious people in the world, but in this place I got the final proof. This museum is a museum of all kinds of industries. Airplanes, boats, printing presses, a mine in the cellar, a whole WWI submarine, oil and gas, engines, you name it, they have it all! They say that if you are going to spend a minute by each piece they have it'll take a month to take a tour. I spent there almost a full day, drained batteries in cameras and got exhausted walking and was happy.
So, here's a first part of short photo report on Deutches Museum, devoted to airplanes and some cars.

One of the most produced cars in Germany.

The text about the vehicle below

The disk drive vehilcle

First car with aluminum body and front wheel drive

First military jets used in WWII and a cross section of a large commercial modern plane

Me-262 jet (lower one). Some of them participated the actual fighting in 1945 and were shot down by Soviet piston propelled planes as these new planes were piloted by green pilots and were fast but not ideal in terms of handling.

Not sure, but It's probably Airbus 320

1920's Junkers, developed as a sports plane but with potential of a fighter, as Germany was not allowed to have military planes after WWI

Early types of commercial airplanes used for cargos and mail.

Two blade props were made of wood looks really archaic

Same Junkers. One of the first mono wing planes. It allowed speed, but decreased maneuverability in first monoplanes comparing to biplane above. At that time it was really unclear which concept is going to win

Legendary transport and passenger Junkers 52. It's like a German Douglas DC-3

Ju 52 cockpit

The most produced WWII German fighter plane - Messerschmitt Bf or Me 109 - another war time legend, this one still looks like a menace. A hole in the prop is a 30 mm automatic gun

Fi 156, called Storch which is a crane bird in German. Very versatile plane, which could land having only 50-60 m of strip and take off with 80-100 m. and was used for any missions from rescue to spying

Earlier history of aviation. Pre WWI planes

Yet another legend. A WWI Fokker piloted by Manfred von Richthofen, known as Red Baron

A picture of a 3d model depicting some Arctic aviation history

Press used for forming of aluminum for planes

Some modern stuff

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