russia_insider (russia_insider) wrote,

Wow! or Generation P

One of the very few Russian Movies I could recommend to watch to my foreign friends.

It's based on the book of one of my favorite modern writers.
The short plot description on the IMDB page gives absolutely no clue about the contains of the movie.
Some ten years ago when I read this book it just exploded my mind in a way. I remembered some of the lines by heart. Like the one about Che Guevara: "Che Guevara didn't give the world anything except for a submachine gun burst and a trade mark named by him". It actually explained to me in a frisky way the idea of consumerism. In Russia of late 90es and for 18 years old it was a revelation.
The movie is not that great comparing to the book, but still it has some nice lines.
The book is highly recommended as well certainly. Together with other books by Victor Pelevin, who lives in States actually and most of his literature is translated to English.

P stands for Pepsi by the way.
Tags: literature, movies

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