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Writer's Block: 9/11

Where were you?

At the day I was in Bar Harbor Maine. I've been participating kind of students exchange program and in that nice little town I've been actually working as a waiter. That very day was my day off. It promised to be a great sunny rock climbing afternoon.

A friend of mine (also my room mate) woke me up, he was very exited or maybe I should say agitated, he was saying something about some plane hitting a skyscraper in New York and another one that hit Pentagon. That friend of mine was known for his love for practical jokes so I just said something like "It's a stupid and implausible joke" and tried to go back to sleep. But as he dragged me to the laptop (we didn't have TV) and pointed his finger to the screen: Russian news site was open in the browser and what I read there was even more like cruel and stupid joke. I remember something about 22 planes crashed in different US cities. If it was a fools day we'd never bothered to go somewhere to check what's on TV or radio. But it was September.

So we went out of our building, we went to a nearest diner and I still remember that gruesome heavy atmosphere, which fell upon us as we entered. There was a TV set on and all the people inside were watching it in total silence. There were no usual smiles, just amazement and horror on the faces. On the screen there were burning towers and reporter was saying something.
I don't recall any more details, just this first awful feeling of realizing that something terrible has just happened and maybe it's not over. I had this feeling only once after that, when I was going to a party in my mountaineering club and when I arrived, I found out, that a news about death of six of our friends arrived half an our ago. I hope that I will never get this feeling again.
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