russia_insider (russia_insider) wrote,

Apple start to suck

It all started when my Magsafe power adapter just stopped working without any reason. Perfectly intact and without any visual damage to cables or plugs. And as I was in the middle of nowhere and Apple made sure that absolutely no other adapters are able to work with MacBooksPro or other mac portables I had to forget about my laptop for 3 weeks. So I had to by a new magsafe, which is BTW about 130 bucks in Russia, but that's not all.

Due to long period (about 4 weeks) without any charging and being bleed to zero macbook fancy battery switched to some kind of 'I'm dead' mode, and now doesn't work at all, so with the new adapter I'm able to use laptop without battery and only as a desktop workstation. Now I need either to by a new battery or try to address Apple customer services to get the old one revived, as basically there's a tiny battery inside the main one which is there for a special chip which in turn takes account for main battery life cycles and this small battery within the battery is dead now and needs to be reanimated.

So as the closest Apple support centre is in Paris I guess I'll have to try doing it myself and if I'm not successful then I'm buying a new battery and then a new laptop which is not going to be a Mac I'm afraid.
Tags: apple, computers

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