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Russian police

Since the Revolution and civil war of 1919-21 times police (or Militia as it's called here) authorities in Russia are considered not as a protection, but more like intimidation force. In late 30s so called NKVD (Peoples Committee for Internal Affairs) killed about 1.5 million people accused in sabotage. Great number of people were sent to Siberia camps. That was due to Stalins (who was at that time a sole Soviet Union ruler delusions of persecution. Lots of very bright people were eliminated. That was one of the greatest Russian tragedies called "Stalin's repressions".
Since that time people start to be afraid of those who mean to be protecting people. When you see a policeman coming towards you on a street of any Russian city, even if you're an absolutely law-abiding person, you don't expect anything good. In general people don’t' like police here. Some hate. Very often it's mutual.

Recent news show, that sometimes such hatred has some real basis underneath.
Today I read on a news site that three policemen were accused in torturing of a student. It's sad and scary but it happens all the time. When regular police officers are pressed from the top, in order to get somebody to blame, they can get a random person from the street. The torture their victim and made a person to sign a confession and their done. The person may spend years after that trying to proof that it was a forced confession, and some victims never speak up.

It’s hard to believe that it happens everywhere, but I had a friend who was in such mess. He was beaten by hooligans, but when he came to police station actually bleeding, they decided that he’s drunk and he’s a good opportunity to ‘close’ some old case. They tried to make him sign something, but luckily he managed to phone his parents minutes before, so they were not insisting and he got away from there ok.

You may think that Russian policemen are monsters, and very often it’s true, but certainly among them are lots of good guys, not the majority though.

Take a good care of yourselves, please.
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