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Russian cars

In general the main thing you should know about Russian cars is that Russian cars suck.
Really it's amazing, we have space rockets and nuclear weapons, but to build a decent car is mission impossible for manufacturers.
It was bad in soviet times and it's not much better know.
Well certainly russian cars have advantages: they run and they cost less then exported (especially maintenance cost), but the have a hole lot of real disadvantages. You can only have a look at it to understand what I mean. See under cut. They look outdated, strongly outdated...

This is Lada

and Volga

In order to save the situation the biggest Russian car manufacturer VAZ (they make Ladas) even tried to have some joint venture with Chevrolet.
All they managed to do is a shitty car which has a price of decent expored model like Ford fiesta.
I did my best when I was taking pictures for so called 'Chevy Niva' ads.
They didn't like it. Anyway they stoped producing it pretty soon.

So is it that bad? I mean the picture...

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