russia_insider (russia_insider) wrote,

Major Dymovsky - leader of search engines in Russian internet these days

Most people these days are wondering whether major Dymovsky is sane or not and why is he doing this. The only goal he achieved by now is publicity in internet (and just in internet because non of major Russian TV channels are not dealing anyhow with Dymovsky issue) and expulsion from service. In Russia it is generally known that policemen earn their living not from the salary but from different illegal sources, and being a policeman means having certain powers allowing to feel above regular citizens, but Dymovsky states that he and his co-workers are suppressed and underprivileged by their commanders. So some think that Dymovsky simply could't share something with his chief and by this public address is trying to get even. Others consider participating of foreign forces. Anyway Dymovsky rose a great fuss around his carrier in Russian police and again drew attention to police corruption.

Tags: police, problems, video

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