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Russian celebrity VS Chechen ex husband story

Kristina Orbakaite is a pretty famous Russian singer, and a daughter of another celebrity Alla Pughatcheva which is in Russia is something like Madonna in Western world. Here's a Kristina's video just to give you an idea.

Kristina Orbakaite - Bird of Passage


Some time ago she was married to a Chechen businessmen Ruslan Baisarov.
Now they are divorced but the problem is the child, 11 years old Deny Baisarov. Ruslan is a Chechen man and obviously he is not going to allow a woman to raise his son. About month ago according to Kristina's words he kidnapped the kid.

Deny Baisarov with his mother.

In reply to this Ruslan arranged a press conference where he brought his son and Deny clearly stated that he is pleased to stay with father and his many relatives because his mother is not paying him much attention.

Ruslan Baisarov with son.

And here's the video of Ruslans new wedding in Chechnya just to give you an idea.

Chechen wedding cortege

On September 15 there was a trial in Grozny, capital of Chechen republic. Judge found that a boy should live with father. Kristina is going to appeal and bring trial to Moscow. She states that she is not allowed to see her son. 
For some reason this story is being covered by the major media. It's actually a top story in Russia this week. 
A lot of scandal lovers are eager to know what happens next.
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