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City of Kostroma (part 1)

I've decided to post some of my old pictures.


Wiki entry

An ancient town actually, just a little bit younger then Moscow. Situated some 200 miles from the capital. Kostroma is a part of a Golden Ring of historical cities and attracts tourists with ancient churches, monasteries and general architecture.
I lived in Kostroma when I was a kid in late eighties. Nowadays Kostroma is in a pretty bad condition, well, there may be some changes occurred since 2005, when I was there for the last time, but I have some doubts about that.
The main problems of the city as far as I could figure out are unemployment rate and low city budget.
In the first part of Kostroma picture story I would like to show some blocks which are rarely visited by tourists, who come to the city.

Kostroma - Old houses - Blind St 14
Kostroma - Blind St. 14

Here you see some pictures taken not far away from the historical downtown. The wooden houses which were built more then hundred years ago are still in use, though they should be serving as a historical architecture monuments. Right by these shacks you can see newer buildings erected probably in mid seventies.
Kostroma - old and recent
Kostroma - old and recent
Kostroma - Old houses
Kostroma - Old houses

Most of the buildings are in a pretty bad shape. Kostroma - Old houses
Kostroma - Old houses

But some of the houses are in a better condition. Kostroma - Old houses
Kostroma - Old houses

One of the city squares. Central mall "Kostroma" haven't changed a bit since Soviet times. City mall Kostroma
City mall Kostroma

This is a different city block, much further from down-town, but it's hard to find the difference.
Kostroma - Old houses
Kostroma - Old houses

This house was burnt, obviously it was an arson, because locals who have money to build nice houses don't want to pay for the land to build it on. Kostroma - Old houses
Kostroma - Old houses

To be continued.
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