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Extreme night games

Last several years so called Exteme night games. In Russia it's a very trendy entertaiment recently. I just found out that there's a US branch of the game in NY. (Russian again unfortunately)
The idea is following: you get yourself a car and friends, or maybe several cars with friends, that's your team. The key requirement for a team is to have internet access available in car or in headquarters. A team coordinator gets missions from game managers and relates it's to a team. Missions may be absolutely different, may be simple like drive around several check points or find a phrase code on some abandoned construction site (and you have to figure out where it is, riddles sometimes pretty complicated), or missions may be very complicated, like get dressed as a spaceman and find an agent in a crouded night club and address him with some specific words. Anyhow after you do a mission you get the code, you relate it back to game managers and then you get next mission. The team which does all missions first wins. It's hard to imagine how much adrenaline you get in yor blood during this game. I'll write some more later cause don't have much time know, tonight there's a game.
So I gues pictures worth 1000 words (((:
And video is even better! the only problem it's in Russian, but you will get the atmosphere of situation (;

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