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Mister president

People in Russia in any centuries just loved tough and strict rulers, after one was dead they used to say that they hated him, but In fact they were already thinking about next tough guy.
In modern Russia situation is hardly different, it's just more complicated because it's hard to say if people really want something (someone) or it's media makes them want.
Our current president is mr. Vladimir Putin and he is a very controversial person.

Starting with the beginning of his presidency when previous (and actually the first president of Russia) Boris Yeltsin basically gave up and retired before time and pointed at Putin. It happened in 1998 just in new years holiday, Yeltsin addressed citizens and simply said almost verbatim ‘I’m tired, I can’t do it any more, Vladimir Putin (PM at that time) will be acting president until the elections is prepared’. Certainly in the result of elections in 1999 Putin became president. He was young and active, especially comparing to old and ill Yeltsin, so most people just liked him for his nice appearance. But his background is pretty serious, as you may know, Putin is a former intelligence person, so he has some very special skills I believe.
Well, next election was another Putins success, people liked how he was building so called ‘vertical of power’. Russia became even more dependant on executive branch of power and the president is indeed the highest representative of this branch.
Theoretically Russia is a democratic state, but actually Legislative and judicial Branches are much weaker and dependant on Executive branch, simply on president. That’s what a lot of people don’t like.

So the current situation is following: Putin is in the end of his second term as a president. According to Constitution, a person cannot be elected for the third time, but media already start a hidden campaign for Putin support. It’s really hard to say if people want Putin for third term or it’s just mass media working for it, but election is coming and here and there you can see enthusiastical reports about people supporting ‘third term’. I don’t believe it’s real myself. But we’ll see what happens. I just hate the idea of changing Constitution for one persons demand. It’s ugly.

The sign says "Another term for both Putin and Khodorkovsky" (Khodorkovsky is an owner of a great oil compamy who was sentenced for a prison erm for not paying all the tazes, the story I believe is known abroad)


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