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Georgian soldiers were shooting down women, old people and children in South Ossetia. Eight populated areas were wiped off from the face of the earth. Their defenders fell during Georgian aviation attack. As witnessed by Ilona Djioeva, resident of Dmenis village, “Georgian war- civilians’ houses and then the village was entered by soldiers who shot up old people, women and children”.
“We managed to get to the positions of the Russian peace-making contingent and they helped us to get to a safe place. Georgian shot down escaping people; the wounded were shot through the head. Only a few people survived. Russian soldiers helped us to get out of it.
Now my mother and I are going to Mozdok region, which is in Ossetia. We don’t know anything about my brother. He works in Tskhinval militia” – told IA Regnum correspondent, a 19 year old student.
Tags: ossetia, war

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