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American-Russian movie

Yesterday I had a chance to watch a new Hollywood movie made by Russian director.

You've probably heard about Wanted "IMDB" directed by Timur Bekhmambetov.
Timur may be known to you by his previous movies Night Watch: Nochnoi Dozor and Night Watch 2, movies about vampires and other dark evil creatures controlled by forces of so called "others". These movies were pretty nicely done even by American standards.
Also the movie has some pretty bright stars playing, such as Angelina Jolie and Morgan Freeman, who, I believe, is one of the greatest modern actors.
Fortunately for Russian audience there are two versions of the movie English and Russian, with different product placement and not just translation of English version, but actually different actors
My impressions:
The screen play is based on a comic book - too simple and straightforward to my liking. I figured out, who's the bad guy to early, but visual effects compensated. Leading actor is very good. Angelina is great, in one of the scenes she makes such an angry and evil face that it's really hard to recognize her though she's still stunning.
So in general it's a very nice movie to watch if you like Sin City, Mr.&Mrs. Smith and alike.
To be honest I'm pretty happy for Timur, he deserves filming with best people and lots of budget.

The new movie features an actor from Night Watch, actors name is Konstantin Khabensky, unfortunately his screen time is about three minutes and he gets killed pretty fast ):
The Cross is actually a real father of Wesley.

Foxes tattoos (Angelina Jolie)

Evil face

Sloan (Morgan Freeman)

Through the glass

My humble opinion is: Highly recommended!
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