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Mr. Medvedevs (our new president) first media interview

A few days ago our new president-elect Mr. Medvedev gave his first interview to the foreign media.
Financial Times journalists spent about 2 hours asking new president different pretty straight questions.

Reading throught the text I actually to grow on this man. He's sounds confident, intelligent. I liked the answers for most of the tricky questions. The answers were tricky as well.

I actually found out that the main his professions is a attorney, and looks like that he thinks like one.

FT: Let’s talk about foreign affairs. Is Mr Putin right that the west, the world, will find you, in his words, no easier to deal with?

DM: Of course he’s right. You asked whether he is right or not and he’s right.

FT: Do you really believe, though, that the British Council is spying?

DM: I am not the head of the security services but at the same time the information that from time to time appears in the press and the reports that I get as one of the leaders of the country show that there is a problem with this. But this is not very surprising because these types of organisations are traditionally used for the collection of information.

FT: We are at a unique point in Russian history. A popular leader has voluntarily given up power, is giving up power, on time and is transferring it to a new successor. This has never happened before. But Russia doesn’t have a happy history of two people running the country. Why are you so confident it will work?

DM: I agree with your first statement but I cannot accept the other. As to the fact that it’s a unique situation, you are right. Russia’s history knows practically no examples of a successful leader at the peak of his popularity moving on to a different post. But President Putin said from the start that he would strictly adhere to Russia’s constitution and would only work for two terms. This means that at last Russia is seeing the formation of a fully fledged tradition of respecting all procedures that follow from the constitution and other laws. The incumbent president is an effective leader and he’s ready and able to continue to work to advance the development of our country, to make sure our development continues in the way set out eight years ago. This is why this tandem, or this team of two, was formed between the presidential candidate and the Russian president as a possible future prime minister. I am confident that our tandem will prove to be absolutely effective. But what I cannot agree with in your statement is the fact that a dual power arrangement will emerge in this case, of a type which has historically resulted in various negative consequences for Russia.
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