September 24th, 2011

South park

It's official

Everybody knew it 5 years ago indeed (I can even show forum history pages where I say it myself, but they're obviously in Russian). But still there always was a chance that something is going to change, some new people appear. But no, Mr. Putin announced that he is going for presidency again. There's nothing especially surprising therefor. But there's some kind of bad feeling for some reason. It's just doesn't feel totally OK.
In fact there are no other options. No real personalities out there. And the real country leaders could find some other minion like Mr. Medvedev was found some time ago, and make another joke of it, but they decided to be kind of frank. That's good in a way. But again there's this awkward aftertaste.
Well, at least there are no surprises, no news is a good news as they say. We're going to have good old Putin back and we're certain about what is going to happen on the political scene.
But then again, some weird feeling.