July 1st, 2011

South park

In the field

Who says that you have to have an expensive camera to take great pictures? Well, it's not really modest, but still these are not the worst ones. I certainly know that sunset is always a cool thing and only the laziest haven't got a picture of one, but still. Anyways I love excavators for some reason, so here you go.



PS I still can't figure out what to use for uploading pictures, photobucket is limited for bandwidth and flickr is limited for max size per month, which doesn't really a problem, but still a limitation considering that there are Russian sites where you don't have any limitations but there's a stupid UI. Anyone have any suggestions?
South park

On the road

One of my friends at the moment is temporarily working as a van driver. It's a pretty shitty work, considering the crap he has to drive which brakes all the time and Russian roads. One day I took a trip to capital of North Ossetia which is another part of Russian Federation close to my home town. Unfortunately it was a rainy day and my friend was in a kind of hurry to unload the stuff, so there's not too many or too fancy pictures, but still something.

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