August 21st, 2010

South park

Kubana music festival

Last weekend I drove about 650 km or 400 miles to the Russian Black sea side. One of the purposes of the trip besides the sea itself was visiting open air rock music festival. We've been there last year as well, it's called 'Kubana Freedom peninsula'. This year there was much more people, lots of them totally wasted, and I actually stated for myself that I'm getting too lazy or floppy if I can say so for such kind of stuff. Even couple of years ago I would be more than happy to get wasted and scream and shout myself, but now instead of staying for the second day of the feast we unanimously decided to visit Novorossiysk city (which is great and I'm going to post some photos from there later) instead.
So these few pictures more or less express my feelings of the event.

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