May 3rd, 2010

South park

1st of May celebration and fountains opening

This first of May was a pretty filled day for me. First of all for the second time I became a God father of my friend's kid. I guess that would have been an interesting video, but I'm worried about ethical part of the issue.
Anyways, baptizing took about all morning and in the middle of the day we went to the central square of the town to check out what's going on.

As you probably know first of May in Russia and some other countries (I think it's officially international holiday actually) so there was a celebration with a concert on outdoors stage and just a lot of people walking around, eating, drinking, wasting garbage and having lots of fun.

Also 1st of May is the opening day for the fountains season, and as there's a very nice fountain in Essentuki city, where my friend happen to live we whilst wandering around center of the city and central park bumped into Russia Today TV channel reporter. The guy name was James and he nicely agreed to say a few words for my journal, you can see him in the video.
BTW the video was shot with the new camera, but Youtube for some reason makes it look really bad. Before uploading to youtube it was much nicer. At the moment I'm uploading it to Vimeo, but it's going take a while for it to process the clip as I don't have payed account, so I attach a link later. Well, anyway, here's this little clip about fountains featuring one professional and one amateur reporters.

Vimeo video compression is definitely nicer! At least the titles look like they suppose to look.

And some pictures.

A horse and a rainbow

Hope summer will be as nice as this sunny day of May.

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