April 20th, 2010

South park

News update and Michael Jackson spot in Moscow

Part 1 - news
It's been a time since I posted something worth reading and watching, I guess I'm a lousy blogger, but there are some news I must share.

1) My current work is about to end due to downsizing. That's sad because I liked the place (not the work thought) but I hope to get a nice compensation which will lead to item 3 in this list.
2) I got 2 years US non-immigrant visa which I need to visit my sister in States, but due to items 1 & 3 of this list it may deem hard to execute soon.
3) My wife persuaded me to go to Paris this summer.
4) I bought Sony HD digital video camera, hope to provide some nice video coverage soon.
5) ehr... I guess it's all for now.

Part 2 - Michael Jackson spot in Moscow
When I was visiting US embassy in Moscow I walked along a spot in the street I am having difficulty to name. It was some kind of Michael Jackson commemoration spot. I can guess that it is situated just a few steps away from the embassy for a reason. There were some fresh flowers, candles and people wrote on the wall mostly in Russian "Michael is not dead", "He is the best" etc. I've never been a big fan, but still when I saw this I was a bit touched and remembered probably the first music video I can recollect in my life, that was Michael Jackson's 'Thriller' with zombies dancing. I was six or seven years old when I sow it, so for me back then it was actually a thriller, that's probably why I remembered it for so long. Few minutes ago when I was starting to type in this post I googled the clip and watched it with some strange feeling, I honestly haven't seen it for couple of decades at least. It seems funny and even appealing now. I never wanted to know the unpleasant stuff about MJ, don't know was it true or not, but anyway I must agree that he was a great performer, who brought a lot of fun in this world.

Michal Jackson spot by US embassy

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