January 10th, 2009


Another pics game

* You comment this entry to get into the game (:
* I choose a picture or a photo in your LJ and you tell a story about how it was made or whatever interesting is related to this picture
* You post the story with the picture in your LJ and also you don't forget to mention the rules of the game so your friends could play it too (;

So my friend 53miles picked this photo:

Running stairs

So here's the story.

This is in the same time a real and a fake photo. Let me explain.
In December 2007 I found a new job. It was the same Siberian city but it was a nicer job, comparing to the previous one. I started dating again my girlfriend, after five months break up. And as she's also working with foreign languages I managed to get her to work for the same company. You may ask if this is somehow related to this picture? And I will say yes, because if there wasn't my girlfriend I would probably have never visited 'European' trade center by a Kievskaya Moscow subway station. We went there to do some girlish shopping (: So she was doing shopping and I was taking pictures. The mall had a something like a hole in the middle and you could approach the railings and see the other levels, and it's something reminding an anthill. And also there were running stairs, which were lightened with changing colors lights. So I took several pictures of the runnis stairs and later on when I was watching it on my laptop, I decided to do a little tric, so I took two pictures made with a one second pause bettween them, so they had different colors of lighting, mirrired one of the pictures and put them together. At a first glance I believe that it looks as if there are really twice more stairs and elevators (:

Well, this is more or less all the story behind this picture.

Now it's your turn to refresh your memory (:
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