November 6th, 2008


Topical issues

For the last few years we could see that some kind of tension is increasing in Russian society. I mean racial tension. Since the beggining of the century citizens welfare was more or less increasing in Russia, especially comparing to neigboring countries who used to be a part of Soviet Union. This brought to an inflow of immigrants from these republics (BTW Georgia is one of such). Generally the most part of incomers is concentrated in big cities like Moscow and Saint Petersburg. Most of them are illegal immigrants. The situation is quite similar to American situation with Central and South American immigrants or Franch situation with North African immigrant. Newcomers are ready to work for peanuts, and this brings local people, especially youngsters whithout proper education to a great dissatisfaction. So here's a simple formula for a racial conflicts.

The worst thing about it, is that some people are using such discontent youngsters to form some kind of political force. The ideas of such political forces are pretty simple. It's basically KKK type of ideas. "Russia is for Russians" is the most popular slogan for these people. Certainly problems of illegal immigration must be resolved but not in the way these people want to resolve it. And the attidute of these nazi-like groups is really disgusting for me, as for instance I have Corean and Armenian frends.

Two days ago nationalistic radicals had another attempt to attract attention to their organizations. So called "Russian march".

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