August 13th, 2008


Georgian media person story

Tina Kandelaky is a very famous TV person in Russia, almost like Oprah in the US.
She is Georgian. This is her story about recent events in Georgia.
(my translation original text can be found in her journal at

About three years ago I visited Georgia together with Alexey Venedictov (Radio personality – Russia_insider) and Nargiz Asadova (Radio hostess - Russia_insider). Nargiz and Venediktov were going to take interview of Georgian president Mikhail Saakashvilli. For some time Georgian President administration couldn’t give us a clear answer if Venediktov can bring me with him or not, Saakashvilli first he didn’t want it, after he agreed. Finally we found out that he agreed and I was brought to the meeting.

We saw each other for the first time, though we have many common acquaintances. Saakashvili said that he had been brought up listening to my radio shows and that he remembers how I was narrating in the open air about black panties and other girlish pranks. Venediktov and me looked at each other confused, but it was just the beginning. Saakashvili started sending me SMSes, asking to meet and discuss everything. I took Venediknov’s advice and decided to meet Saakashvilli in his residence.

You ought not imagine any frivolous pictures, I am a grown up person to control any situation. So our night meeting became a serious political argument. At that time he already was persuading me that historically he’s equal to David the Builder. From my side I said that David has built Georgia, but Saakashvili is destroying the country. We argued for long time, and I had four hours to observe him. I’m not a psychiatrist to diagnose anybody, but hypertrophic vanity, multiplied by hypertrophic ambition and if I put it very very mildly unstable nervous system – these are not the best advisors for a president.

When couple of years later Mikhail Nikolayevich came to Moscow and there was a closed diner in GQ bar to honor him, I had another chance to find out that the desire to be valuable for him is much more important for him that all Georgian people.

And that time in his residence, three years ago he was boasting that Georgia will be a topic of everybody to discuss. How could I think then that these word will become true like it is happening now.

It is no secret for anybody that Georgian people are not supporting president Saakashvili. We always have been the most peaceful people at Caucasus (we even don’t know how to fight) and we are the same these days, but are we to be blamed for the fact that God gave us such a president, who started the war not only to Ossetia, but to his own people.

For last 15 year blood was spilled in Georgia several times and each time we hoped that it was the last time, and every time we were mistaken.

I believe that this was the last straw and Georgians living all over the world must express their protest against Saakashvili's actions and against deeds of this tyrant!

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