March 13th, 2008


The worst skiing place in the known galaxy.

I like skiing, and that's actually wise from my side as I live basically very near to 2014 Winter Olympics area. So from time to time I try to go to different skiing areas around my region with my crazy snowbording friend who rides non-stop.
So few weeks ago we decided to check out some pretty close in distance but not yet discovered skiing place.
It happened to be the worst skiing place in the world.
Those who tried snowboarding or skiing will understand me!
First of all due to technical equipment.
I hope I use the right wording for the pulling device they implemented there - I guess it's called platter pull. Correct me if I'm wrong please.
So this platter pulling mechanism was made out of old Russian jeep type vehicle, a steel line and used car rims on the small poles used for supports. (See pictures).
In order to get yourself fasten to the line, one has to use a hand made platter pull yoke (see pictures), which is merely a wooden stick with a short rope and a metal hook on the end of the rope. You have to put the stick actually between your legs, and fix the hook on the moving line, after that you're get jerked and if you manage not to fall you get on top of 300 feet route in just some 3-4 minutes! So as you get yourself dragged on top of the route you have to secure this platter pull yoke on yourself and not to loose it during the decent, 'cause otherwise you don't have any meant to get back up again. So I lost mine after couple of rides.
Unfortunately I don't take my SLR when going skiing so the pictures are not that good, but I hope you'll get the impression.

Next time I'll post report on much better skiing place.

platter pull yoke
platter pull yoke

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