January 11th, 2008


The end of the world as I saw it

Two years ago, in my home town, we could witness great natural event - total Sun eclipse. It happens pretty rare and what's even worse there's only a relatively narrow stripe of Earths surface from where you can observe close to 100% eclipse.
Wiki says:
Solar eclipses are relatively brief events that can only be viewed in totality along a relatively narrow track. Under the most favorable circumstances, a total solar eclipse can last for 7 minutes, 40 seconds, and can be viewed along a track that is up to 250 km wide. However, the region where partial totality can be observed is much larger. The Moon's umbra will advance eastward at a rate of 1,700 km/h, until it no longer intersects the Earth.

I was lucky this time, I didn't have to go anywhere to see the event.
This is a pro picture of that eclipse:

Eclipse Pro picture

And this is what I've done with a cheap digi cam I had at that time:

Eclips my shot with cheap camera

I was so impressed by it so I immediately wrote something like essay. REM song 'The end of the World as we know it' was in my head all the time that day, maybe that's why I decided to write the thing in English.
There's no particular reason to post it today, well just like to share.

Hope you'll read (it's not too long:) it and leave some opinion on the language and stylistic mistakes...

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