January 1st, 2008


New Year Celebration

New Years is a big holiday in Russia, actually bigger than anything else.
And as anywhere I guess, people here like to get together in midnight to say goodbye to last year and to greet the new one.
Fireworks is the most popular way of doing it (:
So together with my friends we went to nearby city of Pyatigorsk(which is translated as Five Mounts City), which is situated right on a slope of Mashuk mountain (Wiki rules!), so there are some places on the mountain like observation sites, from where we could have a great view over the celebrating city.
It was pretty cold, about -3 or 4 Celsius below, but unfortunately no snow.
I didn't take my tripod with me, so some pictures are kind of smudged, but still I hope you'll get the impression of the turmoil which took place (:
People were drinking, shouting, singing (some even new the works of new anthem!) and shooting fireworks, which was actually scary, because some people were already drunk heavy and having no idea how some rockets and charges must be used.
Luckily no one was injured.

So here some pictures


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And how you met this new year? (((:
Pictures are very welcome!