December 3rd, 2007


Voting results

Sad, but utterly true - as a result of yesterdays elections we have legislative and executive powers in the hands of one person (or rather group of people).

Putins party got about 63% of the vote. Well, not surprising in a way. The only problem is that on most of Russian Internet forums and on Russian LiveJournal majority of people were against Putins party. Lot's of people were going to damage their ballots, because on this elections there's no "Against all candidates" line.

Now I'm wandering if new parliament will amend the Constitution to let Putin stay for the 3rd term before the New Years or next year.
Seems to me that they are going to do it. Well we'll see.

Here's the logo of our new major parliament player

Here's link for BBC article on Russian elections.
Putin party secures huge victory

oops I'm late

Yesterday I've read on one of Russian electronic news sites about a purchasing of LiveJournal by one of Russian companies. I was thinking that it's a some kind of a joke. Now looks like it's true as I've just received official LJ news letter.

To be honest lot's of Russian people who have their journals or blogs on LJ are discouraged, as just a few days ago they new that something posted on LJ cannot be erased by authorities request and now there's absolutely no confidence.

Well, we'll see, seems that lot's of people we'll be switching to sooner or later.