November 13th, 2007


Again about Russian cars

A few years ago the major Russian car manufacturer VAZ (which used to build Ladas) came up with a 'brand' new car (not based on previous Lada models) which was called 'Kalina' (a snowball tree - though I'm not sure with the translation, it's actually a tree with small bright red berries). So the new car once appeared even in Top Gear programme, and what they think about it is a perfect truth, though sad (:

Small 1 min. video


Soviet names

(This post will be interesting mostly for Russian learners)

After the Revolution of 1917 in Soviet Union it became very popular to name newborn children with newly invented names. These names were mostly composed by shortening of word combinations and Revolution leaders names, like the name Vladlen which means 'VLAdimir LENin' (who was the main leader of the revolution ans who's body is still on the Red Square mausoleum). So there was a hole list of new names. This trend continued up to late 50s, when the most popular name for boys was 'Electron' (:
A few days ago I found a funny list of modern political names list. See under cut. It's in Russian.

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