November 2nd, 2007


network issues again )))):

For some reason my PC network adapter just quit working tonight.
Well good thing is that in order to check mail I discovered opportunitis brought by Nokia.
It's the first time I hocked it up to my computer and it's just working, no setups needed.
I thought I'll have to spend some time setting it up for working as cell modem, but I simply used my camera USB cable.
Nokia rules!
But GPRS is soooo sloooow!

I was going to post some pictures today, but it looks like I have to wait till tomorow.

Dostoyevsky comics book

Dostoyevsky is one of the greatest Russian writers. His most famous abroad book is 'Crime and Punishment'. it's a very difficult and gloomy book about a poor student who half accidentally killed an old lady in order to get her money. The book is very psychological and deep, so I was really amazed when I found out that there's a comics book based on the novel.
May be pretty interesting for people learning Russian and others too I guess.

Comics book is in this blog
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Tomorrow I'm going skiing with my friends on the highest mountain in Europe mnt. Elbrus - 5642 m.
Hopefully I'll get back sage and bring some pictures. It's going to be the first time for me there, so I'm pretty exited.
The mountain is only about 150 miles from my place as a crow flies, but the road is about 300 miles, so it's going to be pretty long drive there, and as well my first really long drive. Hope everyting is going to be allright (((:
Check back for pictures tomorrow! (;