October 31st, 2007


Low income famlies

There are still lots of families in Russia which are beyond the poverty line.
But they are all different.
My mother is a Crishna follower and she takes part in a programm for helping lowest income families with lots of kids.
I went with her to visit such families in order to see how it looks like.
Some people drive porches some strugle to buy a new shirt for a kid to go to school.

The main thing I found out that when your completely poor it's a great test. Some people break. The live like animals and their homes are like dens. Some people are cleaning their house even though they sometimes don't have money for soap.

Another thing I understud is that almost everything depends on oneself. If you are not trying nothing happens.
Lot's of poor people don't even try to work. They just keep complaining for unemployment rate.

And children are the ones to suffer, because if their parents don't want to do anything in order to maintain normal life, what can kids do?

That's sometimes horrible.
My mother with her organization is trying to help kids somehow.

Take a look at the pictures. It's 'no comments' section.

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Little differences

You know, there some things which are the same in any country, things like love, hate, and other emotions, but with this post I would like to start a set of posts about little utilities differences between Russia and other countries. I start it with plugs. Simply electrical plugs, they're really have the same purpose everywhere but look different. I called this 'Black & White'.
How plugs look like in your country?

The white one is old type Russian plug. Black is regular US one.

I need some feedback on the idea of the set, and requests for new objects are more than welcome! (: