October 25th, 2007


Last night

Last night, after I got my car back from repairing (which by the way cost me 1515 rubles, which is about 60 dollars US), I went to my friends place. I know this guy forever, probably since I was 6 or 7 years old. His little daugter is my goddaughter so I'm a god father (:<
I haven't seen them for some time 'cause I was working on west siberia gas fields as an interpreter, so I made lots of pictures of 1.5 y/o funny girl (:

Just look at her, isn'tshe cute? (:

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Bad example

Russians are sometimes too proud of their national features, but in fact we take worst examples from other countries. Take serial killers for insance.

A Russian shop assistant has been found guilty of 48 murders, which he once said he recorded on a chessboard.
A Moscow jury convicted Alexander Pichushkin, known to the Russian media as the "Bittsa maniac", after four hours of deliberation.
Most of the murders were committed over five years, in the Bittsa Park in Moscow's southern suburbs.
Pichushkin has never denied the charges. He was also found guilty on three counts of attempted murder.
He is due to be sentenced later this week.
The jury found there were no mitigating circumstances, and rejected a defence request to clear him of 18 of the killings. The prosecution has requested a life sentence.
Many Russians would like to see him executed but Russia has suspended the use of the death penalty.

And after obtaining such plague as serial killers, Russia obained suspencion for death penalty.

I don't know if it should be suspended or not, but I just don't know why sould this person live.

Full article here
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Just few days ago I was in Moscow.
Moscow is our capital. As any capital it's a big, complicated, rich and dirty city.
see wiki article if you need more info

Population is about 10 million, and russiawide Moscow is considered as a state in a state. Or country inside a country, I don't know with what sounds better (feedback is very welcome!).
Moscow is a place where people from all around country go in search of a better life. Generally salaries and level of life is much higher here than in all other regions, except for oil and gas regions which I'll describe some time later. So lots of people come to Moscow, lots of them are educated and bright personals, even more are just people ready for any work. Moscow gives opportunities, but it's a hard fight for career and money, cause you can figure that together with high level of life there come higher rates of life and more competition.
Main thing about Moscow is that native Moscow citesens just hate those people who come from the rest of the country. They hate them for there power to survive. People who come to Moscow usually pay about 200-400 dollars US for a room or 300-800 for a small apartment (depending how far it form downtown), they have to suffer discrimination because employer are more eager to hire people who have permanent Moscow registration, but they still more successful generally. They start usually from the very low positions, being underscored but they manage to become well doing professionals. Native citizens want more options, more money from the beginning, without working more, and so they just cant stand those bastards coming from beyond and working 18 hours a day for peanuts.
There are also lot's of other issues I'll write about later.
I just have to say, that in spite of all issues Moscow is truly beautiful and I like it very much when I'm there.
There two types of people in Russia: those who like Moscow and those who fancy famous Saint-Petersburg. I'm first type (:

This is the picture I made a week ago in one of Moscow international airports called Domodedovo.
I have some other pictures I'm going to post later.

PS I don’t know if it's OK to post picture without 'ljcut' need some feedback (: