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Old TV shows and ads

As a frequent flier I'm certainly concerned about safety of airplanes flights. So one of my favorite TV shows is Air Crash Investigation series. Recently I've downloaded several new episodes and to my surprise on of them was 30 years old Panorama BBC program.
First of all I was astounded to find out that in 70s civilian flights safety was considered not a big deal and there were about a dozen airports in Europe rated by Pilots Association as a 'Black Star' airports due to flights safety deficiencies.

The other thing that was really amusing it was to see how the TV programs at those differ comparing to the modern ones.
First of all old ones had no ads in the duration of the program! That's really cool, so there was no need to do a brief explanation of what happened before the ad bloc which is annoying me when I watch modern shows. The other thing was the rate or should I say pace of speech. Narrator seems calm and he's not trying to machinegun you with storm of word-bullets. That's actually cool too!
And the last is the wording. I've found some words and expressions which are not used nowadays for some reason.
Certainly language is developing but there's some charming words and expressions which are forgotten nowadays and I think it's sad.
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