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Parliamentary elections day...

Today (December 2nd) we have parliamentary elections in Russia. Parliament in Russia is called 'Duma' (which literally means 'a thought').
For last month Putin's (our current president on his last term) followers were conducting strong propaganda.
In any popular show you could hear things like - "Let's do it together, let's support our president!" Like we're going to have president in place of parliament!
That sounded just crazy. I don't watch TV too often but every time I would turn it on during last week I was listening and watching to somebody admiring Putin.
Even religious leaders of Russian Orthodox church together with leader of Muslim church said in prime time that they believe that we can't do without Putin. I was totally amazed!

So what we are going to have? Is it going to be honest election? As a citizen of Russia I doubt it, and I'm worried.

Just last night, very late at night on one of the two national TV channels by some kind of stupid mistake, following picture has occurred in the middle of coverage about tomorrows elections. I don't know if it's just technical error, or they've already prepared images to honor Putin's party, which seems to become an absolute winner.
Well anyhow you don't have to read Russian to understand that Putin's party has 99%, BUT others have some percentage too. I just don't get it.
I guess later on they'll equalize the figures later on, but we already know who's going to be on the first place.

TV screen
Russian TV news programme a night before elections.
TV screen

It's awful to suspect that elections in your country is just another political game and you can't do anything about it ))):

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