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Back on line!

For more than a week I was offline! that sux (:
Well you know working from 8.30 a.m. to 7 p.m. 7 days a week is not always fun.
First I tried to get back on line via cell phone connection, but it was slow as hell!
Finaly I managed to find a place selling Dial-Up prepaid cards and now sitting on the work using office land line I am able to post more or less normally (:

So, as I mentioned in last posts I spent a Sunday in Moscow and took some pictures.
Hope you like it.

The first one is taken in front of one of the biggest Moscow train stations, called "Kievsky Vokzal". "Kievsky" means belonging to Kiev, which is the capital of Ukraine. "Vokzal" means actually a train station. So the station building is on the right, and on the background you can see a building of Foreign Affairs department, where all the evil politicians do their hard and dirty job.

On the Moscow streets there are not so many monument, but new ones are sometimes pretty amusing.
Take this one. It's a monument for ancient Arabic wise man named Hodja Nasredin, who is always described to be followed by an ass, but look at this one, doesn't it look familiar?
Looks like it's the one from the famous cartoon! (((:

A monument with a 'Shriek'-like ass (:

The last one for today is a back yard wall of one of the biggest Moscow consumers electronic shopping mall. Seemed pretty artistic to me.

A graffity on a shopping center

Will try to post some more pictures tomorrow (:
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