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Moscow weekend and sleep deprivation torture

After two delayed flights and 36 hours in Moscow I’m finally in Western Siberia, Novy Urengoy city.

First flight was on Saturday from Mineralnie-Vodi (Минеральные Воды) (which means Mineral Waters) airpost which is closest to my hometown to Moscow. I’ve traveled from this airport dozens of flights but never had experienced any delays. This time we had to wait extra 3 hours (I was traveling with my girlfriend, she works in Urengoy as well). So we got to the place very late at night.

Moscow Sunday was pretty dense: most of the time I spent on finding some not very expensive portable PC, after about 3 hours of wandering inside of one of the biggest Moscow PC malls, I selected Samsung R20plus, then helped my girlfriend to pick up a voice-recorder and then spent about 3 hours in other shopping center waiting till she gets her clothing shopping done (: In between I took some nice pictures of evening Moscow, today I’m hoping to post it.

In one of the shopping malls we started conversation with some guy from NY, but he said that now he lives in Lithuania. Strange.

Flight to Urengoy was scheduled on Monday for 2.30 am, but was delayed too, we got aboard the plane and had to sit for almost two hours before take-off, so instead of 3 hours flight, this was more like 5 hours )%

Due to the time difference (which is 2 hours against Moscow time) we landed in Urengoy about 9 o’clock in the morning. I just had time to get changed and take a shower and then I appeared at work. It’s very hard to focus after a night flight and no additional sleep except for what you get in a plane seat, so I was like zombie all day yesterday, and as soon as I touched the pillow in the evening I was asleep. After days like this it’s really obvious that sleep deprivation is a horrible thing.

This morning I felt alive and it’s just great! (:

Pictures are coming…
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