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Yesterday at my grandmothers place I found an old Soviet plastic bag. Some kind of tourists souvenir plastic bag. I could figure out how old is it by the name of the city. It's Leningrad and not Saint-Petersburg.
It may seem strange, but Saint-Petersburg is an unique city, it's been renamed four times. Originally it was built by Peter the great in order to be a new capital. So it was named Saint-Petersburg (Sankt-Peterburg in Russian pronunciations) which meant 'City of Saint Peter'. It was good for some time. Later on in the end of 19th century, if I'm not mistaken, it was renamed to Petrograd, which literally means 'Peter's city' and that name sounded as a Russian name, comparing to previous European like name. Some time later the Revolution of 1917 occurred and city was renamed to Leningrad (City of Lenin). Well actually almost every other city was renamed, we are lucky they didn't do it to Moscow! So after almost 70 years, after Soviet Union collapse name was changed to back to the original one - Saint-Petersburg. We'll see for how long.

So here's the artifact I found. I'm going to keep it now as a relic of Soviet times.
In the left upper corner you can see Welcome to Leningrad sign in both Russian and English.

Soviet relic - plastic bag from Leningrad
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